Streaming Services. Music Distribution

On the subject of streaming services, I decided to undergo research and try to understand how ‘Spotify’, arguably a significant service amongst competitors, has developed within the evolving digital media and networking industries. Searching predominantly for information regarding the business aspects of ‘Spotify’, I came across this fairly recent publication by Dr Peter Schmuck. I found this article and further links particularly utile for my research. This publication focuses on the most current and increasingly expanding medium of digital media, streaming services. The author depicts numerous examples of key business model topics and provides evidence in the form of financial documents and quantitative user statistical data. This is very relevant to my research and has further developed my understanding of the current fast changing industry of music distribution. 

 This is a short passage from a Critical Analysis report I wrote regarding the article on Streaming Services by Peter Tschmuck. I feel it is useful to upload this to my blog so I can re-read it throughout my course and reflect on the development of my opinions.

“Overall this publication has helped me refine and substantiate my opinions and understanding of not only this current and relevant music industry argument, but also the industry overall. It demonstrates and acknowledges crucial industry issues, and summarises with precision the attitudes of conflicting parties in the debate. There are further questions to be asked with this particular academic publication and further study of new emerging communications would be relevant. As it stands, this author’s credentials enable him to demonstrate asseverations which depict the music industries lack of foresight, in terms of the scale of evolution in the digital and internet industries. Consequently, the author asserts the current stalemate situation between the conflicting industries prerogatives convincingly, with evidence that concludes his case with reason and justification.”

Furthermore, I would like to mention that this, and the following articles have helped me answer queries regarding the changes with digital distribution within the media. I am now from the last generation who grew up without the internet, and has seen huge technological advancements and changes within human interaction with information and one another. Reflecting on what I learnt whilst writing the critical analysis has changed the way I look and at publicising art. Most importantly it showed me that balances and business structures within streaming services require further research and development to continue evolving  within the ever growing internet industries. I feel that my method of dissecting and evaluating the content of this document has broadened my understanding of my potential within the music industry as a whole.


Dr Peter Tschmuck- (Professor for Culture Institutions Studies, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) 2013. Music Business Research- is streaming the next big thing? – the business models of music streaming services. Available at:

Additional References:

Boxun Zhang, Gunnar Kreitz, Marcus Isaksson, Javier Ubillos, Guido Urdaneta, Johan A. Pouwelse, and Dick Epema, (Delft University of Technology), 2013.  Parallel and Distributed Systems Report Series. Understanding User Behavior in Spotify. Available at:

Dan Rayburn, 2008. Stream This: Netflix Needs a Business Model. Netflix is moving more and more toward streaming, a move that will serve the company well down the road. But how do they plan to make money off of it?. Available at:

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