Critical Thinking- Streaming Services

This is a link to a publication and blog I analysed and wrote about in great detail. Among all the articles I found regarding business structures within the currently growing streaming services, this publication by Peter Schmuck stood out for me in a number of ways. Firstly it is reasonably current, secondly it is part of an organised collection of topic relevant publications, thirdly because it is written with clarity and it supported by reputable references.

While still awaiting feedback from within the university on whether I fully understood the Critical thinking assignment, I made the decision to leave a post on Peter Schmucks blog containing a brief introduction to myself as well as my assignment itself. Unsure about many elements at this stage, I did not know whether to expect a reply or not. Nonetheless, I felt that in order for information and knowledge to evolve and progress, information and analyses like this are should be communicated if deemed appropriate. At the push of a button, I was able to publicly share my work directly to the very page that my work was about. In reflection this is a choice I would happily make again as I feel it demonstrates my development within understanding critical self awareness. Without peer review, nothing can be substantiated.

Having spent a great deal of time thinking about this article and it’s contents, part of my methodology was to undergo further background information checks on such things as the author and the reliability of the fiscal and market data. It was clear through comparison that as I progressed with this task, my writing style developed and I started structuring my arguments with more clarity and efficiency. After heavily scrutinising a well established professor, who is currently in practice in the field, I felt I was able to reflect on my own writing and arguments with the same scepticism. I found myself proof reading sections and often having to include further evidence to justify my points.

From my view of my own personal development within writing at this level, I encountered challenges which initially seemed time consuming to rectify. With ambitions of improving my abilities overall for this course, I accepted that I needed to develop a writing process and method which caters for my difficulties and will allow me to produce a clearer, more professional and appropriate level of English writing. Instead of developing a completely new methodology for undertaking writing tasks, I adapted my current methods and altered the structural organisation of the material’s I was working with. I have also added in several new processes and stages to my working formula.

Reading and writing at this level has proved to be the biggest challenge for. Contemplating on how to achieve this lead me to consider different ways at critiquing my writing. I decided to theorise a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats) analysis on both my current methods of approach and the content I create. Although this type of analysis is traditionally used within a business premise, it did allow me to make the realisation that ultimately, I need to provide more drafts to establish the level of writing required for this assignment. This ultimately meant my biggest threat and weakness is my pace of working and consequently lack of time. My strengths were that I am a fast learner and with the goal of improving my English writing skills, I new that undergoing this development would improve a key skill which is transferable much further than the module topics itself.


3rd December- Response to comment.

                 Peter Tschmuck December 2, 2013 at 9:27 pm, on Is Streaming The Next Big Thing:

‘Hi Benjamin,
Thank you very much for your well-grounded critical analysis of my blog entry. This helps me to to refine and to revise it for a later publication’.

While this reply is very short and uninformative, it is still very rewarding that this authoritative writer responded to my comments. On reflection, it inspires me to further explore our current expanding digital communication network. It also influences me to investigate the current distribution and marketing strategies in order to develop a deeper understanding of the industry infrastructure and create more justifiable evaluations on current relevant key topics.



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